Design/Build Done Right!

"We knew we wanted to partner with a commercial builder that had a great reputation and integrity. We found that partner in DCC. From the planning, architect design, and construction phase, DCC demonstrated time and time again that they listened."

CD Stroupe, CEO
First Federal Savings Bank

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Denver Construction Company has established a solid reputation as the go-to design/build commercial general contractor for one simple reason. We know how to do it, and do it right.

If you think bidding your building project is the way to control costs and get more for your money, think again. Experience has confirmed that while bidding focuses on lowest cost, it often ultimately results in higher costs as important aspects of a project are not fully clarified or understood, incurring unanticipated expenses, delays and frustration for the owner. 

The perception that design/build is more expensive is simply not accurate. Not only is it the most efficient and effective way to build your facility, design/build construction also assures higher levels of accountability, collaboration in scheduling, reduction of production timeline, responsibility in costing and materials, and a better ability to anticipate and plan multiple phases of a project for the best end result.


Team built based on experience, familiarity, pride in work, and cost effectiveness   Team built based on cost, margins and willingness to work for less versus merit
Design-driven construction plans   Basic construction plans for bid purposes
Anticipated materials and structural requirements prior to construction commencing   Change orders due to unanticipated design and materials requirements
Collaborative seamless production schedule   Bid-based stop-and-start timeline production
Budget -based decisions   Cost cutting decisions
Owner has influence in subcontractor selection   Contractor dictates subcontractors used
Subcontractors involved in budgeting/scheduling   Subcontractors brought in when capability needed
Costs controlled through collaborative responsibility   Division of accountability when costs run over